Rebuilt Cartoners

OEM specifications, fully warranted.

Equivalent in quality to new equipment and fully warranted. Our rebuild process insures that we deliver a current technology, new equipment performance machine that is built to your exact specifications. We can accomplish this by beginning our rebuild process from a disassembled frame and maintaining the process from a new equipment perspective.

Rebuilt cartoners can be your no-risk solution for limited budget/quick delivery projects.

Our rebuild process includes:

  • Pre-Engineering and Project Review
  • Machine disassembly to frame
  • Re-Priming and Re-Painting
  • B.O.M. for all worn components
  • All new PLC Controls electrical
  • Machine reassembly – Testing with product
  • Customer FAT acceptance and validation

Whether we start with your cartoner or ours, at Ultra Packagaing we have years of experience providing an alternative to a “new” without compromising quality or technology.